Our commitment to help Australian small businesses in their time of need. 

At a time where uncertainty is the new norm, one thing is certain – The need for small business to adapt, and adopt a strong digital focus. As traditional offline revenue sources greatly reduce or stop altogether , driving leads, enquiries and ultimately revenue through digital has transcended from ‘business best practice’ to a ‘core fundamental pillar of survival’.


If you’re like most small business owners you know how to put up a post on social media but you don’t know how to drive genuine commercial outcomes for your business – more leads, more enquiries and more sales. We do, and we want to help.


Pure AdWords has committed $500,000 to support Australian small business over the coming 6 months by working with selected businesses at no cost for a period of two months each.  At the end of that period we’ll have you on the right track and you can take it from there. This means that each business pays no setup costs, and no strategy management for a period of 2 months. You’re still required to cover your monthly advertising spend directly with Google and we recommend a minimum of approx. $1,000 per month. As a specialist Search Engine Marketing agency for small business we deliver performance using Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, Google My Business and YouTube Advertising. This means you’re using demand based advertising to capture people in market right now, that are either searching for your brand directly or your product or service.


As a Claxon company [ www.claxon.agency ] the multi-award-winning Pure AdWords team have the experience to deliver success at a time when digital is likely be the difference between whether small businesses survive this period or not.

To be eligible, you must:


  1. Be an Australian registered business

  2. Have an active website 

  3. Be able to meet with required minimum Google ad spend of $1,000 PM

  4. Have been in business on March 1 2020

  5. Be trading at your time of application 

Please proceed if you meet the above criteria.